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Review: Mofos of the Galaxy
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Mofos-of-the-galaxy-2015v2Mofos of the Galaxy – A review of the Vinomofo Collaboration Case 7.0

For those that live under a rock, Vinomofo is an example of a successful startup company which sells heavily discounted wines from a curated selection of boutique small wineries. The strength of the business is the connection with their customers who are not looking for a deathly solemn contemplation of life when taking a sip of grape juice. Vinomofo understands that wine can be fun, entertaining and irreverent like a dance off at the impending destruction of the universe.

We were delighted to receive a sample Collaboration Case (7.0) under the “Kinda Independent Wine Company” label in which Vinomofo created with their favourite producers a range of specifically made wines. Despite no initial name recognition, these wines have a bang for buck appeal and an eccentric sense of style (check out the labels!) much like the the charismatic social misfits in Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG).

Introducing the Mofo’s of the Galaxy

Old Money 2013

Vinomofo collaborated with winemaker Sam Brand, from the Brand’s family, to bring you a classic Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon called Old Money. Just like the GotG character Groot, this is a wine that’s familiar and dependable, always there for you to fall back on. It also provides the muscle giving a big oomph in taste.

Duck Sauce 2014

A good looking Pinot Noir for $15 is a fantasy all Pinot-lovers dream about. Steve Webber of De Bortoli has somehow managed to produce this pleasant surprise; a delicious, easy-drinking Yarra Valley Pinot Noir for a basement price. This is an unexpected bonus is akin to the Howard the Duck cameo in the GotG credits, a bonus that’s appreciated by all including enthusiasts.

The Orgy GSM 2014

The Orgy is a blend of Grenache Shiraz and Mourvèdre from McLaren Vale. This popular-styled blend is produced by the brothers at Hither & Yon, a powerful crowd-favourite that blasts your worries away. Similar to the reconstructed blend of parts, the wise-cracking Rocket Raccoon.

Deus Ex Liquida 2014

The limited Deus Ex Liquida is premium Grenache Shiraz produced by the Leask brothers of Hither & Yon in McLaren Vale. With fruit and spice flavours hiding inside a flamboyant, gold etched black bottle, it’s an a-hole who rubs you wrong way but you grow to love. Just like Chris Pratt’s GotG character, Star-Lord

Art of War 2013

The Art of War is a wine produced from Australia’s most famous region with the most grown variety, a Barossa Valley Shiraz. A man familiar with making juicy Shiraz’s for his own label, Kym Teusner, applies his craft for the ‘Fo with this deceptively stylish winner. Analogous to the muscular brute that steals the scene as a crowd pleaser, Drax the Destroyer.

Gusto Mama 2013

Spicy, edgy and unfamiliar to the viewing public (how many Sangiovese have you had in Australia?), this sexy foreign number has you reaching for more. Frenchman Jacques Lurton, from The Island Estate, massages this Italian variety into a yummy bottle of sexiness that is the Gusto Mama. Just like the dangerously sexy, Gamora, you can never have too much.

Our top 3

  1. Gusto Mama 2014 Sangiovese
  2. Duck Sauce 2014 Pinot Noir
  3. Old Money 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

The raw tasting notes

 Taster  Tasting Notes
Brett Subtle nose, savoury touch. The fruit is more subdued on the palate than the others (GSM, GS, & S), highly tannic. Punches above it's price point.
Natalie Smell: I like it. Not too full-bodied and has good length. Tannins are actually enjoyable for some weird reason.
Peter Leathery. A high tannin fruit bomb. Not too complex but smooth and approachable. A bit more traditionally styled.
Rania Pleasant and has dark fruits in both aroma and taste. I like it.
Sammy An easy pleasant, fruity and oaky. Has quite a bit of tannins and oak is a little too present on the palate. There's a touch of earthy roots in the backend of the taste.
Subha It makes me feel like young money immediately. So pleasant, I want a steak with it NOW! (Make it rare) Very masculine.
Will Has a bit of the wholebunch taste, vegetables? A slight earthy dirt flavour too.
Averaged Score 7.1 / 10
 Taster  Tasting Notes
Peter Slight acetone and cherry on the nose. Strawberry on the front then backs off quite nicely to tannins. Tart on the midpalate. Slight earthiness. Cherry vibe from tartness. A very good intro (or gateway drug) to pinot. To pay $15 for this is ridiculous. Highway robbery of the highest order
Sammy This wine has slightly floral tones on the aroma that's quite attractive. On the palate it has strawberries and light tannins. Quite a good introduction to Pinot Noir for a very good price. A bargain really.
Averaged Score 7.5 / 10
 Taster  Tasting Notes
Brett Has a fruity aroma and tastes bold and fruity too. The Grenache portion is not that obvious and is well integrated with the other two varieties.
Natalie It has a very evocative label and the artwork just rocks. The wine itself smells "figgy". Taste-wise it doesn't leave a lasting impression (short on length?), it's quite dry and tannins stick to the roof of my mouth. Not quite an orgy in my mouth.
Peter  Leathery saltiness, dry, and flowery fruits. Tastes like body fluids (the good kind like booty sweat?), I found it hard to peg. It's quite pleasant and medium-bodied.
Rania Label is great, funny, and provocative. The wine itself tastes full-bodied and a hint of vanilla. Sweet fruits at first then dry after. Kind of neutral.
Sammy It was a fruity aroma that's a bit leathery. It also tastes leathery with anise and grippy tannins. A little "soapy" on the finish.
Subha The label definitely helps it stand out. Creamy at the front and dry at the end. No flavour stands out but I find it good value given the price.
Will Smooth sandy grains (fine tannins) that hangs in the top of your palate. A bit astringent.
Averaged Score 6.3 / 10
 Taster  Tasting Notes
Brett Aroma is savoury with a hint of musk. Tastes fruity, and the Grenache part is obvious. Bold but short on the palate with high tannins.
Natalie Fancy label, Gatsby-like art decorations. Aroma has hints of blackberry and subtle "fruititiciousness" but not too strong. It's dry but has length in taste. Slight bitter aftertaste. Not very memorably but inoffensive.
Peter More fruity than some of the others (reminds of a floral Viognier). A bit more earthiness and tannins, one for aging. Keep it in the crypt. The more I drink the more it grows on me.
Rania Unpleasant to drink for me. Too acidic with a metallic aftertaste (savoury?). Smells like a blackhole (editor: what's that even mean?)
Sammy Strong leather and anise on the nose. Feels like there's more tannins than the other Grenache blend (the Orgy). Taste has a bit of eucalyptus.
Subha Immediately dry on the palate. Attacks your nose with plums! Smells reminds me a bit of sangria/mulled wine with the fruitiness. The finish is a too acidic and annoys me a bit. Ends a bit too sharply.
Will Similar to The Orgy in that it's quite astringent. Not that sharp though.
Averaged Score 5.7 / 10
 Taster  Tasting Notes
Brett Doesn't have too much on the nose to write about, typical shiraz. On the palate it's a fruit bomb! Light tannins, length is a bit short, and easy to drink. Feels like it would pair well with a meal.
Natalie I have always liked this label (the artwork). Smell is very subtle on this one, hints of oak and spice. I can taste pepper. It has jam flavours at the end which add to the length. Quite smooth.
Peter Perfectly serviceable. Tastes of dark fruits with some spice and pepper. Quite intense on the palate. Nose promises a little more than it tastes (surprisingly).
Rania Not a fan of the label, bit lame. Tastes chocolate-y, spice at the end. A little "thin". Smells fruity.
Sammy Has a touch of the "antsy" nose (formic acid) surrounded by vanilla & cinnamon (and a touch of caramel) from the oak. The nose matches the palate with lots of dark fruits thrown in. The acidic harshness is somewhat hidden by the smooth oak. Pretty close to "The General" in terms of style but for half the price. Great value!
Subha  The label looks kind of cheap but cool at the same time. The wine itself is sharp, thin, and tangy. Reminds me of grapefruit juice. It's tastes a bit unpleasant/rough when it hits the back of your throat. Leaves a slightly chewy finish on the gums.
Will Has a bit of tang and acids. Tastes a bit like bubblegum (the dusty version in 90s card packs). More esters than The Orgy.
Averaged Score 6.3 / 10
 Taster  Tasting Notes
Nose: Funky
Taste: Very different to what I'm used to, star anise, 5 spice? Edgy tannins. Savoury. Chinese medicine shop aftertaste
Medium body tending towards heavy body
Sammy The nose has a little sulfur that fades with a little airing revealing the fruit. On the palate it's medium-bodied but dense in fruit flavours, raspberries, and reminds me of a savoury Pinot Noir. Has a little Chinese medicine (earthy roots and slightly bitter) in the aftertaste. Overall quite yummy. A pleasant surprise for a steal of a price. Must buy more!
Averaged Score 7.9 / 10
*Note our scoring scale is slightly different than other wine reviewers. In short, anything above 7.0 is considered worthy of buying, but see here for more details.
The Vinomofo Collaboration Case 7.0 currently sells for $105.00, this price includes one of each of the 6 bottles. For more information and to purchase click here.
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