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WineChatty does the Yarra Valley: St Huberts

WineChatty does the Yarra Valley

Part Three: St HubertsEvernote Camera Roll 20150409 165749

Due to our stay at the Yarra being limited to about 1.5 days, there was only enough room to hit so many wineries. As it stood we had to be flexible and alter our plans. St Huberts happened to be a gem of a winery which we bumped into on our meanderings. Deciding on the visit was based on that the name/label looked familiar however I actually think that in our group people were thinking of other St. H’s: “Oh yeah, I think I remember drinking a St Hurgmerrrrnnneerr…  “
Compared to the elegant opulence of Coombe Estate or the stylish funkiness of the Innocent Bystander, the cellar door is more traditionally what you expect. There was the familiar wooden table top and boxes of wine stacked neatly against the wall. Shelves with bottles displayed and the tasting sheet inserted in a plastic sleeve.
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However what is not apparent on the surface is a deep shot of personality running through St Huberts wines. This winery has a feisty characteristic with a focus on producing interesting and different flavours.
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Our host was smart, enthusiastic and descriptive (her remarks in quotations) and my favourite cellar door staff of the trip. Meeting her really made my day.

The Wines (Standouts in Bold):

  1. Roussane 2014: A white wine for red wine drinkers” very unusual white which is heavy body and tannic structure. According to our host this is a very divisive wine. It is so different that I’d need a second go round to figure it out. Think I’ll need to spend some quality time with a glass (or bottle…)
  2. The Stag Pinot Noir 2013: Fruit driven, very nice smoky toastiness which lasts the length of the wine reminds me of wood fired pizza very nice and incredible value for $24
  3. Pinot Noir 2012:I call this the down and dirty pinot noir” Funkiness on the nose, fruit is toned down in comparison to the Stag. and earthiness throughout. Velvet tannins (We bought 3 bottles on special $78. That’s $26 a bottle which I think value for a very tasty wine). The winner*
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: Savoury, a bit green and tannins need a bit of age to tone down. Certainly has potential “In my opinion should not be drunk for another 5 years

Winner: 2012 Pinot Noir

I felt the flavours here were a stand out and particularly the toasty, earthiness in the Pinots was so different to the more fruit-driven, softer characteristics we have come across so far in the Yarra. This is a winery that is comfortable in its own skin. Approachable, unpretentious and goddamn sexy.


St Huberts cellar door is open  7 Days, 10:00am – 5:00pm (New Year’s Day, 12:00pm – 5:00pm)
More information can be found at:

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