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WineChatty does the Yarra Valley: The Hangover

The Hangover

After a week in the Yarra Valley hob-nobbing with dandy Pinot Noirs and cool-climate reds, I thought it would be interesting to see how my taste (ok I’ll use my palate….)….. how my palate reacts to a return to my roots. In other words a return to a favourite (amongst us at WineChatty)  heavy-bodied hard hitting but expertly-crafted Mclaren Vale red, d’Arenberg The Dead Arm Shiraz (2010).
My Notes:

Fruit and spice on the nose. Eucalyptus hints. Initial saltiness which develops into fruit on its length. Underlying earthiness. Chocolaty texture with sticky tannins left over. Dark, dense and powerful.

 After reading some reviews:
“Forest floor” certainly sticks out as a flavour which I pegged generally as ‘Earthiness’
My Impression:
After coming from a cool-climate reds The Dead Arm strikes as overwhelmingly powerful and dominant. The tannins seem to be a bit over-the-top with a lot of stickiness left over in the mouth. Acidity level feels quite high as well. I have never noticed this in The Dead Arm but I’m also getting quite a bit of a eucalyptus vibe from it.
Effectively like eating slabs of butter and garlic at a French restaurant. Enjoyable but not subtle.
However by the 3rd glass in I was pretty much soaking in the decadent richness of it all. Strong flavour, fruit with an underlying earthiness and the tannins sticking to the the sides of my mouth provide a lovely afterglow (eww….) and bite.
My Ratings:
7.5-8 Initial
9 Acclimitised
Conditioning or an inebriated judgement?
My conclusion:
Drinking more of a wine makes it better. Sorry was that obvious?
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