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Themed tastings – What is it?

If you’ve ever joined a book club or participated in photography assignments then you’d be quite familiar with this concept. Basically, a theme gets chosen for the assignment/battle, then each user would taste and drink wines/beers that fits the theme and report back by posting a review for that assignment/battle. The assignments/battles can be very broad (i.e. Cabernets, pale ales) or more specific (i.e. a 2010 Shiraz from Barossa Valley). For a short guide on how to score see this page here. Check the forums to vote and suggest a theme for the next assignment/battle. See below for the list of current and past assignments. Submission Rules * Submit as many wines/beers as you want! The goal is to share and explore wines and let others know what you think. * Submit your wine/beer via the “Submit a wine review” or “Submit a beer review” form found under the main menu or on the upper left of the front page. Make sure you select the correct assignment/battle you are reviewing for! * Submissions should be wine/beer drank specifically for the assignment. * Cross-posting your review in The Tasting Room section of the forums is encouraged. Post thoughts, comments, and questions in the forum that you want to share but not necessarily fit in under a review. Or comment on someone else’s review! You can also suggest a theme for the next assignment/battle in the same section of the forums. Wine Assignment List

Beer Battle List

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