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Review: Bridge Road Brewers – Beechworth Pale Ale

Beechworth Pale Ale from Bridge Road Brewers

The Beer Review:

As you can see I couldn’t wait to start drinking this from the photo
Citrus and some hoppiness on the nose
Malt combined with zestiness and finishes dry with hops and a little bit of pepper on the back
Slight bitterness but not obtrusive
Pretty high on the smashable index I’d say an 8 for smashability
Great session ale. I’m a definite fan of the Bridge Road Brewers

Key Beer Aromas:
Citrus, Hoppy

Other Infomation

Beer Name
Beechworth Pale Ale

Alcohol by Volume
4.8 %


's Rating
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Date Tasted: 2015/05/30

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