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Review: Penfolds – Max’s Shiraz (2014)

Max's Shiraz from Penfolds

The Wine Review:

I recently noticed the new vintage of Penfolds Max’s Shiraz was on sale at our local bottle shop so I decided to grab a bottle to see if it’s any different from the 2013 vintage I previously reviewed. This bottle retails at $35 but I found it for $29.99 at the local store (and a few bucks cheaper if bought in a case of 6).  The first thing you’ll notice with new vintage is the distinctive new packaging, the bottle is wrapped in a bright red, printed plastic wrapper that really catches your eye as you scan down the bottles at a bottle shop. Underneath the plastic wrapper is the same bottle label found on the previous vintage.

What about the wine? 

On first impressions, the 2014 is quite similar to the 2013 with a slightly more refined nose. The oak is present but subtle, the aromatics are pleasant but doesn’t grab you in either. On the palate, there is an initial fruit sweetness at the front followed by the typical dark fruits of a Barossa Shiraz. It has just enough depth and power that has one intrigued enough to retaste but unfortunately left wanting. 


TL;DR – As with last vintage’s review, this is the Hawkeye (Marvel’s Avengers reference) of Penfolds wines. There is a bit more background and character in the lastest vintage movie, but never amounts to anything serious.

The city is flying and we’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense. – Hawkeye

Other Infomation

Wine Name
Max's Shiraz



Alcohol by Volume
14.5 %

$ 35



's Rating
Aroma & Bouquet
Taste & Length

Date Tasted: 2016/06/16

*Note our scoring scale is slightly different than other wine reviewers. In short, anything above 7.0 is considered worthy of buying, but see here for more details.

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