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Review: Yalumba – Galway Vintage Malbec (2012)
Social Wine Award - A wine that's likely to be a hit a parties.

Galway Vintage Malbec from Yalumba

The Wine Review:


This wine is one half of the pair of “Galway” twins released from Yalumba this year with its name giving a nod to the classic Yalumba Galway Claret. The Galway reviewed here is the straight Malbec (a variety more well known from Argentina), while the other twin is a straight Shiraz (and from the 2013 vintage).

The wine has a young dark, red-purple colour with a nose that has a slight rubber and licorice tone. On the palate it’s quite inoffensive and approachable, meaning it’s easily enjoyable and fruity but hard to put a finger on any particular aspect that it excels. It has a pleasant initial front and a slightly savoury, cheesy meat taste at the end. In short, it’s a medium-bodied wine that’s good value for parties and BBQs, something simple that everyone can enjoy.

Key Wine Descriptions:

Approachable, smooth, dark fruits, fleshy


Comments around the table:

Has a slight rubbery smell. It tastes a little “orange-juicy”. Quite inoffensive and approachable. Could do with a bit more length. Natalie

Has a nice colour and quite enjoyable. Maybe a little orange-juice-like? Rania

My first time trying a straight Malbec and I think this one is good to drink. Has a slight sweet taste at the start and the end is quite appetizing. I don’t know what else to say… Siva

Has a decent aftertaste and has a decent length. Clean and slightly sweet (?) It also has an initial tang in the middle of the palate. Would be a real crowd pleaser I think. But perhaps too generic for the wine-snobs of the world? Will

Other Infomation

Wine Name
Galway Vintage Malbec



$ 16.00


Barossa Valley


's Rating
Aroma & Bouquet
Taste & Length

Date Tasted: 2015/07/03

*Note our scoring scale is slightly different than other wine reviewers. In short, anything above 7.0 is considered worthy of buying, but see here for more details.

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